Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian?

A basic rule of thumb is "every dietitian is a nutritionist, but not every nutritionist is a dietitian." Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) are university-qualified nutrition professionals who have done a minimum of four years of university study, including clinical placement in a hospital. They are qualified to use nutrition therapy to manage health conditions, and have a deep understanding of biochemistry, physiology, drug-nutrient interactions and counselling skills. There are no regulations around the term 'nutritionist' – which means that anyone can call themself a nutritionist. However, university qualified nutritionists (Accredited Nutritionists) have an understanding of basic nutrition principles, food science, public health and physiology. They generally work in public health and community settings, rather than clinical settings.

Can you help me lose weight?

I believe it's more important to focus on behaviours, health outcomes, and quality of life rather than a number on the scale. Strong evidence shows us that weight-loss diets aren't effective in the long term – so our sessions will be focused on supporting you to make dietary and lifestyle changes that best suits you, without focusing on losing weight.

Will you put me on a meal plan or diet?

No. I practice something called the "Non-Diet Approach", which means I support you to improve your health and wellbeing without dieting. Who likes being told they should never eat bread? Science shows us that dietiting doesn't work, and that the Non-Diet Approach is effective at improving health outcomes (blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, body image, eating behaviours and self-esteem) without the negative effects of dieting (stress, restrained eating patterns, food obsession). This means you won't be put on a meal plan, be given a list of forbidden foods (unless you have a medically confirmed allergy or condition!), or be told to stop eating a food group. I believe all foods belong in a healthy diet – my priority is your mental and physical wellbeing, and I understand that enjoying food plays a huge role in that.

Can you deliver a nutrition class for my organisation?

Absolutely! I have experience delivering group nutrition sessions to various population groups – all you need to do is contact me.

Do you work with children?

For paediatric and childhood nutrition concerns, I would highly suggest seeing a specialist paediatric dietitian. I would recommend Kids Dig Food - a fantastic child nutrition practice in North Brisbane.